Greater Mesopotamia

Greater Mesopotamia

UNESCO meeting for Syrian Heritage

ActivitiesPosted by Joachim Bretschneider Fri, June 13, 2014 14:57:27

Participation of Joachim Bretschneider to the international expert meeting “Rallying the International Community to Safeguard Syria’s Cultural Heritage” in the headquarters of Unesco - Paris 26 - 28 of May 2014.

The meeting brought together more than 120 experts from 22 countries to share information, devise policies and improve international cooperation during the conflict and beyond. They included cultural heritage specialists from Syria and the Syrian diaspora, representatives of Syrian NGOs, archeologists, and members of UNESCO institutional partners, as well as academics from universities in the Middle East and beyond. Representatives of major international auction houses also took part in the meeting.

“In some areas we are reaching the point of no return where Syria’s cultural heritage is concerned,” cautioned Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. “The destruction of heritage represents a cultural hemorrhage in addition to the tragic humanitarian crisis and suffering experienced by the people of Syria”.

© UNESCO / Professor Maamoun Abdul Karim, Aleppo & Apamea

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